Complete moisturizing and anti dandruff line

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Pre-shampoo, shampoo, lotion, vials + 1 shampoo for daily care (MILD SHAMPOO).

CRLab hair line for dehydrated and sensitive skins is the specific one for persistent and dry dandruff, with great soothing properties, so it can be useful for redness, sensitization and itching problems too. 

The essential oils contained in this trichological line have the capacity to prevent strong dehydration (reinforcing the scalp), give soothing to the scalp and to contrast redness and pain. The alpha- hydroxy acids have a deep regeneration properties thanks to their great keratinolityc capability. 

The hydrolyzed collagen completes these actions, reconstituting the damaged connective tissue and giving greater hydration to the scalp. 

Persistent dandruff problems could be eradicated contrasting the Malassezia Furfur pathogen proliferation using strong active ingredients with high antibacterial proprieties. In fact, in present of dandruff, there is a great proliferation of this pathogen and we can’t solve dandruff problem if we don’t fight its proliferation and growth. 

A powerful pro-biotic principle balances the scalp, encouraging increase of useful microorganism for a right skin metabolism. 

Method of use 

Please apply products twice a week as described below:

Start with PRESHAMPOO – apply directly on a dry skin and gently massage to spread evenly. Leave for 15 minutes.

Then damp your hair (do not rinse PRESHAMPOO) and wash it using MOISTURIZING ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO.

After washing hair use Hair Max Laser Band because scalp is perfectly cleaned now.  You can use Hair Max Laser on damp or dry hair.

 Then apply MOISTURIZING ANTIDANDRUFF VIAL, apply it directly on scalp trying not to apply on hair. Use the whole vial.

 When applying, vial remember it is highly active and skin redness alternating feelings of cold and burning skin are normal reactions and you shouldn't worry about them. These sensations will disappear in about 20 minutes. If the liquid from the vial gets on the skin of face or neck, the redness will appear but it will disappear after 15-20 minutes. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Important! We recommend this treatment twice a week for the best and fast results. If you cannot apply this twice a week, the absolute minimum for this treatment is once a week.


Apply pre-shampoo the same way as described above. After 15 minutes’ Then damp your hair (do not rinse PRESHAMPOO) and wash it using MOISTURIZING ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO

Use Hair Max Laser Band.

The last phase: apply the MOISTURIZING ANTIDANDRUFF LOTION in the same way you applied previous vials- spreading it on the scalp, trying not to put it on hair.

Sensations after applying will be similar to those described earlier. Redness alternating sensation of cold and warmth are normal, you do not need to worry about them.


Each of these products (pre-shampoo, shampoo, vials) is for scalp application only. Applying them on whole hair will not improve or speed up effects. Please, use only as recommended.



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